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So, I haven’t posted for ages due to being overwhelmed by life. I have a huge backlog of photos, which I will save for later. For now I will just jump right back in:

I was at Sahadi’s recently. Two favorite moments:

1.) The young guy in the bulk section who couldn’t believe the amount of chickpeas I was buying. I assured him I’d get through them soon enough. He looked amazed.

2.) At the check-out line I had the fortune of being greeted by the always friendly Charlie Sahadi who told me Sahadi’s is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and handed me a flier with a bit of Sahadi history. Turns out May 1948 was the month Sahadi’s was born. I was sorely tempted to ask about the coincidence with another historical event that happened in May 1948, but didn’t.

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Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I was feeling happy and healthy for the first time in almost two weeks after a nasty run in with the flu. Mondays are normally my work at home day where I get freelance work and school stuff out of the way, but in celebration of my health and the weather I decided to play hooky a little. After a failed attempt at some reporting in the city I gave up and went to Sahadi’s instead.


For those who don’t know, Sahadi’s is a gourmet food store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn that specializes in Lebanese and other Middle Eastern foods. They have a bulk section that is out of this world. Every kind of spice, nut, grain, and bean you can imagine. Pickles and olives of every description, dried bananas, strawberries… you name it, Sahadi’s has it. And, the prices are noticeably lower than most other stores, which is surprising considering the quality and range of their merchandise.

Long story short, it is my idea of a good time and I try to make it there about once a month or so to stock up on high quality staples and specialty items I can’t find elsewhere.

Yesterday I bought frozen large fava beans, mini dried fava beans to make fool mudamma, kasha at a fraction of the price of Arrowhead Mills, Italian tomato paste in a tube (can’t stand the canned stuff) vinegars, oils and more. All for little more than $10. I hope to chronicle my kitchen exploits with these items on this blog in the near future.

Then I went home and made egg-less vegan rouille to go with a soup I am planning to make tomorrow. More on that in next post.

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