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Even though I haven’t quite achieved my goal of cooking every recipe in Veganomicon (or any of my many other cookbooks) I broke down and bought two new ones. Terry Hope Romero’s Viva Vegan and Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen. Both of them are chock-full of amazing-looking recipes that I can’t wait to cook. I’ve only done a few from each so far, but they’ve all been great.

I wish my first blog post from Viva Vegan was something more photogenic than this soup, as I’ve cooked several pretty things from it. But, as they say on the Internet: pictures or it didn’t happen.

Anyway. Here’s the soup:

Tropical Pumpkin Soup

I won’t post the recipe, as it’s in the book. But I will say that I used Delicata squash and red-skin potatoes instead of the Calabaza and waxy white potatoes that she suggests. Only because that’s what I got from my CSA share and part of the reason I made this soup was that it was a perfect way to use up a bunch of CSA veggies in one go. The only real seasoning was black pepper, but it still came out very flavorful and spicy (not in a hot way). So try it according to recipe before messing with the spices, is my advice.

Also, she says to blend the soup until completely smooth. I left a few chunks in there, because I like my soup like I like my women… chunky!

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