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My favorite health food store, Northside Health Food on Bedford Avenue is closing. The owner told me he’d be selling off the inventory at reduced prices so I went there today to stock up on some basics. It was sad. They’ve been there forever. Or at least for longer than I’ve been around these parts, which is almost 10 years by now.

The reason this makes me sad, apart from the fact that the owners are friendly and that they have a nice assortment of grains, beans and nuts in bulk, is that they were selling health food in the neighborhood before anyone else was. Now they’ve been pushed out of business by all the new (heavily marked up) stores that have moved in selling ready-made foods and expensive soy products and yuppified organics.

I wish I wasn’t so alone in appreciating good old simple ingredients in bulk. I realize I’m fighting a losing battle here, but why don’t people just eat actual food as opposed to the overpriced over-processed stuff that passes for health food in some quarters? I find it particularly ironic that people thing they are being healthy when they eat stuff like soy ice cream or Tofurky sandwich meats. Not that I’ve never had that stuff, just saying. Oh well. Can’t stand in the way of capitalism. Sigh. I suppose I will be making more frequent trips to Sahadi’s from now on.

Bulk Bins

I just wanted to pour some textual beer on the ground for a store that has been part of my Brooklyn since I moved here. It will turn into a pet supply store, so I guess that’s where I will be buying my kitty litter in the future.

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