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This slaw is like crack and will enable you to eat not just your daily recommended intake of kale, but also about 2 gallons of nuts and oils in one sitting.

I can’t claim any ownership to the original concept.
Two years ago I got a somewhat similar kaleslaw recipe from my CSA, that had got it from some other CSA.

But I’ve tweaked it to the point where I feel ok about claiming that the dressing is pretty much my own, based of course on what I’ve learned from others. “Standing on the shoulders of giants,” as they say.

The most revolutionary thing about this, is that I used this particular salad to use up almond pulp from my almond milk-making and also carrot pulp, from this morning’s carrot-apple-celery juice.

Kale and carrot pulp, ready to go:
Kale and carrot pulp

Kaleslaw with carrot pulp

Recipe below the jump.


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